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For most they see discipline as a form of punishment however disciplining employees isn’t just about punishing wrong-doers.  Discipline can be used to almost train a person and allow them to become a better person and have good self control.  Yes, most will hear the word discipline and immediately think of punishment but in reality this isn’t the case.

Here are a few myths that need to be debunked.

Fairness Means Nothing When You Are a Good Boss

You may believe you are a good disciplinarian but if there is no fairness there is no trust.  You cannot simply call things as you see it or believe it because you are treating an employee unfairly and that is never a good sign.  Instead you must learn to look at the incident objectively taking note of all points of view and obtain evidence so that you can come to a fair and frank decision.

Remember when an employee believes he or she has been treated wrongly, it will start to affect their work and performance.  The reason why is simple – they believe you do not have any trust in them and essentially start to lose interest and respect for the job.  However, when there is an incident and you need to be a disciplinarian you need to treat the situation with kid gloves.

You must ensure the employee knows the rules within the workplace as well as be shown some discipline to a certain degree.  Have a sit down with them and talk things over to see why the problem came about and what can be done to avoid a repeat incident.

 Scream and Shout and Be Honest

Another myth that an increasing number of people believe is that when someone annoys them for doing something wrong, it’s OK to shout at them.  However, acting like a child and start screaming and belittling an employee or co-worker is never a good sign.  It is plain rude and in all honesty there will be no discipline.  Remember, discipline isn’t just about punishing someone but keeping self control no matter the situation.

When you start acting like a child it isn’t useful to anyone within the office and others could follow suit.  For example say a model employee saw you berate a colleague one day and you got so angry you could be heard for miles; and then days later when someone annoyed the model employee for doing something wrong, they responded in your manner.  This not only causes friction but essentially cause repeated mayhem because people will follow.  Instead take an employee aside and have a frank talk with them in a calm and professional manner.

Come Down On Employees Who Break Rules Like a Tone of Bricks

There is this old myth that states if someone breaks the rules then its fine to batter them verbally.  However, in reality this is not the right way to deal with discipline.  You are not going the right way about disciplining the employee and in this modern world you have to take a soft approach.  Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t punish the employee but just go about it in a different manner.

Discipline Is Key But Only In the Correct Manner

The bottom line is that discipline is an important part within any business.  Employees who do something wrong and don’t care about what rules they are breaking should be disciplined.  However, it needs to be handled in the right manner otherwise you aren’t seen as a figure of authority but rather a mean and uncaring employer.

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