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Setting out targets and goals for a business is crucial when it comes to succeeding.  Every small business uses strategic planning in order to create a map of what it wants to achieve and its time you used the same method.  This is all about you – what you want to achieve for the business and what you need to achieve – and it needs to be approached carefully.

As soon as you have a vision of what your business needs, you can strategize and build a strong formula for success.  SWOT analysis is one very important and useful formula to help you strategize.  The following will let you know a lot more about SWOT and hopefully you’ll understand the need for it.

Understand Your Strengths and Use Them to Your Advantage

First and foremost you need to investigate what your strengths are.  Now, to do this you have to research the market fully to see what, if any, advantages there will be for you in the area you’re in.  You also need to determine whether or not you can rival a competitor and if you have the strength to become the best in your field.  Also, there needs to be some sort of understanding about your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition.

There has to be something that sets you apart from the rest otherwise you aren’t going to get extremely far.  If a competitor has the same ideas as you, what makes yours just as good as or better than theirs?  There absolutely has to be strength somewhere and you need to understand what it is so that you can take positive steps forward.

You need to stand out in the crowd and constantly check your strength against competitors so that you can be the number one in the field.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Next you need to understand what weaknesses are out there.  Everyone has these and it doesn’t matter how good you think you are you still have a weakness.  This is something you have to be aware of and use to your advantage because once you know them, you can learn from them.

Does your product have a major fault?  What areas need to be improved upon?  How can your competitors beat you to the launch?  These are just a few of these things you have to be aware of because they are crucial and must be answered.  They are weaknesses and if you don’t understand or know about them, they can be your downfall.

Bring everyone together in a group session and list all weaknesses and address them.  Get everyone to contribute and hopefully the weaknesses can be worked on and don’t be afraid to actually stand up and say there is a problem.  If you don’t, a potential weakness slips through the net and can cause problems.

The Opportunities Available

What opportunities are going to lead you to success?  Whenever there is a new opportunity, grab it because it can help your small business greatly.  Is there a gap in the market for your product?  If so, this is where you need to pounce and really get your product out there.  Missed opportunities can cost you dearly.

Whenever there is even a hint of a potential new opportunity investigate it fully.  This will give you a clear understanding how you could progress forward and what possibilities there are also.  You might be in a position to take advantage of the opportunity which could prove successful.  Analyze every opportunity that comes your way.

Outside Forces That Threaten Success

Whether it’s from a competitor, changes to the market or problems with production, there will always be a threat out there.  This can be very frightening because your potential new success is gone in a matter of seconds.  However, if you can understand or know what potential threats pose a risk to your success you can take steps to avoid them or have a backup plan in place should the worst happen.

Keep a Close Record of Progress and Review It

You have set out one strategic goal however, if the business isn’t reaching its target as quickly as it should, adjustments may have to be made.  Break down the final goal into several smaller, achievable goals instead.  You are still working your way to the final result but you are taking baby steps to help you get there.  This can be good and the best way to find success.

Occasionally you should review everything that has happened so that you know where your progress stands and if it’s achievable.  Sometimes, adjustments have to be made in order to move forward and it of course helps you to achieve something great.  Instead of looking at the end result in December, consider breaking the results monthly so that you can set targets and get success a piece at a time.

SWOT Is Necessary To Succeed

Many wouldn’t think SWOT is needed because it doesn’t always appear to be such a valuable information tool however, it can actually be important to use.  You can use SWOT to help you get all information together and arrange it so that it can be made actionable.  When it comes to strategic planning SWOT is needed greatly and is the cornerstone of your entire plan.

This will need time to work but if you keep at it and are determine to make it work, it can.

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